Fall 10 x 10 Outfit 3


I left off a few hours ago with telling you I was pretty proud of myself for not only rolling with the punches but also for styling two different outfits out of similar pieces.

Then, as often happens with motherhood, I went from being proud of my accomplishment to being humble. About an hour later, she spit up all over said replacement top and jeans. Throwing them (and her clothes) into the laundry, I reached for the black jeggings, the olive tee and the cardigan. I was super excited about wearing these, and let me tell you, the baby loved the black sparkles on the tee.

Outfit #3: Black jeggings, olive tee, chambray shirt & ballet flats.

These ballet flats were a purchase I made to replace another pair of well-loved beaded flats. I adore them, even though I was disappointed when I realized they were not real leather like the Anya ballet flat I owned in nude. But I couldn’t believe how comfortable they felt for being basically plastic, and they work with absolutely anything. I think they make this tough outfit a little sweeter.

The jeggings are a recent purchase I made after seeing similar ones on Putting Me Together. I needed a replacement pair of black jeans and wanted to try a higher waistline. They were on sale from Nordstrom and are well worth the money! They stretch but keep their shape, and I am adoring the streamlined look they give me when doing the front tuck. Score!

This olive top is another oldie but goodie. I made sure not to eat butter while wearing it because I also love that it’s perfect for those transition times like fall and spring. It gets a bonus for being soft and sparkly, two things my baby loves. Baby approved and Mom happy! What more could you ask for?

I’m not sure I really need this chambray shirt, but I threw it on to amp the outfit up from a basic t-shirt and jeans. What do you think? Does it add or take away from the look? I couldn’t quite decide.

And I didn’t have time to because then she nailed me with a bunch of white spit-up. Again.

Outfit #3 Score: 8. I’m climbing the ranks, but I’m not sure about the chambray shirt so I’m giving it a high score for wearability and cool factor but it isn’t a solid 10 because I think another topper not in my 10 x 10 arsenal might have worked better, like that sweet little cardigan.


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