Juxtaposition and Rule Breaking

Even though I had a full wardrobe due to my laundry victory, I decided to try to wear things that I hadn’t worn yet since that is, in fact, the essence of this challenge. So you’ll see a couple of items here that haven’t appeared on the blog yet.

Yesterday was about testing how to use different pieces to juxtapose athletic items (e.g., sneakers and fleece) with more elevated ones (e.g., my green chinos). I think the outfit works altogether, and it’s a nice combination for a work-from-home single mom with a dog. In other words, it allows me to do what I need to do to entertain my charges without looking totally slouchy while doing it.

Leopard slip-on shoes: These babies are the other Roxy shoes I wrote about being super comfortable. They are like Vans but not as heavy, and they are, like, totally a neutral since apparently everything is a neutral these days, including animal prints like leopard. Regardless, they are “fierce” (yes, I said it) and add a fun yet casual vibe to any outfit. Plus, I can chase Casper in them. And that’s the true test, at least for┬áCasper.

Olive┬áchinos: These J Crew Factory Frankie chinos have been a nice change from jeans. I wasn’t sure about adding them, and I still feel a little fancier than usual when wearing them around the house. But they elevate my everyday look without actually being a dress pant. And since they are slim, they are similar enough to my skinny jeans that they aren’t a completely different proportion but are straight enough to provide a more classic look. I think when my shopping moratorium is over, perhaps a pair of chinos in a more skin-toned color might be in my future.

White long-sleeved shirt: I typically wear my long-sleeved tees very fitted because they double as layers in cold seasons and solo in warmer temps. However, since this came from my maternity capsule, it’s a bit bigger than I usually wear. I don’t think that isn’t a bad thing. Especially with these chinos, the less fitted top brings down the pants a bit.

(That being said, I am in the market for a high-quality long-sleeved t-shirt that is not sheer in white. I hope to find it before this one needs to be replaced. Do you have a recommendation? I’d love to hear it in the comments below!)

Black fleece jacket: I know! I know! Clinton Kelly puts fleece on his “Oh No She Didn’t” bad list. But I specifically asked for one for Christmas, and both my mom and sister obliged. I like the warmth and styling of this Target one, especially the diamond pattern at the top. Texture, Clinton. It’s my texture. And besides, it IS cool and rainy here today and, you know what, a trench is too dressy for working from home in the country on a stormy day.

Sue me, Clinton. Just sue me.

Intentional rule-breaking on a Wednesday. How bold! Ha!

See you tomorrow for Day 9 of the challenge, in which I will have a full wardrobe to work with yet again.

Day: 8

Lessons: 0


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