A New Space

Hello and welcome back.

That greeting, by the way, is mostly for myself. Because let’s face it, I took a year off to find myself before finding myself back in this space.

A lot has changed in that year. Like, everything. I’ll share bits and pieces about those changes as they apply, but today is a day to share how editing my closet helped me see this space evolve.

Miss Edit’s goal is to be a place where I can edit my life. A place where a simple life, my simple life, can be cultivated: Seeds planted. Sprouts nourished. Weeds picked. Flowers grown. New seeds planted. You get the metaphor.

A seed that was planted years ago was to try reducing my consumerism, especially when it comes to clothing. My mom read an interesting story in the New York Times to me last week that has further resolved me to that mission; it was about an overseas clothing maker whose meager paycheck is docked if she can’t sew hundreds of the most minuscule of tags perfectly each day.

I don’t want to support that kind of unethical manufacturing. It doesn’t fit into my moral code.

I have also read about how many tons of clothing is tossed into landfills each year, and I no longer want to support the fast fashion industry at the expense of our planet. Now, having a baby in disposable diapers makes me categorically unable to discuss anything green unless we’re talking about seeds and plants (see above). However, I also don’t need to run out and buy a third white t-shirt just because I read that Nina Garcia recommends white men’s crew t-shirts from Hanes.

I did, in fact, obsess over finding the right Hanes t-shirts after reading Ms. Garcia’s fascinating book, The Little Black Book of Style. I went as far as to research the fit, materials and styles. But then an interesting thing happened. I dug into my old clothing, the items I haven’t worn for months due to my pregnancy, with the intent to purge. Instead, I kept the majority and removed items from carts all over the web instead.

In other words, I shopped my own closet. Have you ever done that and decided to hold off on a purchase because of something you already own? It was a wonderful feeling because it told me that my style is on the right track, saved me money and helped the environment. It also brought me a tiny bit of internal peace, happiness at what I already owned replacing desire for something I didn’t.

Needless to say, I decided that no, the two white Everlane v-neck t-shirts I have, which thankfully fit again four months postpartum, are enough. I will be wearing those until they wear out.

My life is enough. And that realization is part of my metamorphosis. For a long time, I have struggled with planting new seeds because anguish over past decisions and fear regarding the future have kept me in this paralyzed state of not being proactive.

That has changed. And so has this space. I will be more deliberate with posting, as I have been more deliberate about my actions and reactions in the past year. In other words, I will be editing Miss Edit. But, as a professional editor, a professional weeder of things, that was probably already clear to everyone but me.

The seed for this post is intentionally avoiding purchasing new clothing while actively working to edit and rephrase my existing closet. If you had to be more intentional about one thing, what would is the first thing that comes to mind?

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