Fall 10 x 10 Wardrobe Challenge

I have been a fan of Caroline Rector’s blog at Un-fancy for years now. I am so glad she is back to blogging after taking time off. I’m even happier that she has decided to resume outfit posts. I not only love her style and her writing, but also the ideas she gives me for reworking my existing items.

I was thrilled to see she did a new wardrobe challenge last week that I can embark on myself. It’s the 10 x 10 Challenge, and it’s the brainchild of my new favorite blog Style Bee.

In the 10 x 10 Challenge, you choose 10 items of clothing to create 10 different looks. Caroline’s 10 x 10 made it a daily challenge of creating 10 outfits over 10 days. Sounds equally easy and hard, scary and exciting.

I’m doing it. Caroline’s 10 x 10 is over, so I will be joining Lee at Style Bee in hers, which starts on today.

Now I’ll let you in on a little secret. I actually tried to follow along with Caroline last week but failed the first day when my baby girl spit up on me not once but twice, rendering two of my 10 pieces unwearable without immediate landering (which is also difficult these days). So I stopped and watched from the sidelines.

But then I realized, we all have our challenges in life so I examined what stumbling blocks could impede my progress. I found the following two things:

  1. I have an infant who often spits up on my clothing. In fact, I had planned to partake in Caroline’s challenge but stopped the first day when the shirt AND jeans I was wearing ended up covered in used breast milk
  2. The weather here is unpredictable, swinging from sweaters to skirts in one day. I will have to include pieces for an Indian summer as well as pumpkin spice latte fall.

Tell me, have you ever tried something only to quit because you circumstances told you it couldn’t be perfect? In other words, have you quit something due to your fear of lack of perfection? Yep, me too. In fact, there’s a whole amazing TED Talk about women and risk vs. perfection. To take a phrase from Caroline, it’s fascinating.

So because life is never perfect, I’m going to dive in anyway. I’m going to do this 10 x 10 Challenge regardless of whether it works out the way I want it to, 10 outfits over 10 days. So I am adding the two caveats:

  1. I might wear two or more outfits daily, and
  2. I might have to substitute a like item if something gets rendered unwearable during the challenge.

With that being said, here are my 10 x 10 pieces

  1. Lucky boyfriend jeans (sold out)
  2. Black Wit & Wisdom jeggings (sold out)
  3. Buffalo David Bitton tee (old)
  4. Lucky flowy blouse (old)
  5. Old Navy chambray button-down (old)
  6. Lucky long-sleeved tee (old)
  7. Old Navy boyfriend cardigan
  8. Toms canvas flats
  9. Steve Madden Chelsea boots (sold out)
  10. J Crew Factory ballet flats

The seed of intention in this blog? Be brave, not perfect. If something doesn’t work for me, I’m going to find out why and either make it work or let it go.

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