Fall 10 x 10 Outfit 1


This morning is the first day of my 10 x 10 fall wardrobe challenge. I was excited but anxious about this challenge. I had planned to put two of my favorite pieces with one I don’t love to see if I could increase my love of it. of my pieces.

Outfit #1: Poppy tissue tee, boyfriend jeans & red Toms.

So let’s start from the bottom up. I LOVE these shoes. I got them a month ago from Stitch Fix after a super-thoughtful friend ad received a free styling credit from a super thoughtful friend. I didn’t think Toms could fit my wide foot, but my stylist hit the nail on the head with them. Score!

I don’t love these jeans. I didn’t love them when I bought them; they were looser than I really wanted. But I included them because they are now in style and perfect for rolling around the floor with my little girl.

I bought this tissue tee from Lucky years ago and am always THRILLED to take out of storage. It’s so soft and comfortable. It drapes well. It’s warm without being too toasty. But the best part is these colors shout fall, wake up any bad day or enhance an already good one. Which is why I wore it today, the day of E’s four-month vaccinations when we could start well and take a turn into Fussy Town or could cruise on down Happy Highway.

But as I was eating my toast and holding a squirmy baby, I got butter, yes oily butter, on my favorite shirt.

Epic fail. Does anyone have tips on how to get oil out of cotton? I’d be ever so grateful.

Outfit #1 Score: 6. Despite donning a shirt and shoes I love, two favorites and one semi-like don’t make a home-run. This  outfit is functional and cute, but overall seems a little too loose and un-styled. I think swapping for a pair of girlfriend jeans or adding the cardigan and a necklace or scarf would take it to a 10.




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