Fall 10 x 10 Outfit 2

As I wrote earlier, I started the morning in a favorite tee that got taken out of commission due to an unfortunate butter incident. I looked at my 10 x 10 closet but didn’t really see anything that paired well with my boyfriend jeans and red Toms, but I did see an old black tissue the that was similar to the ruined one.

I decided then and there that I would change the rules and substitute something similar into my 10 x 10 after wardrobe malfunctions. The new list looked like this:

  1. Lucky boyfriend jeans (sold out)
  2. Black Wit & Wisdom jeggings (sold out)
  3. Buffalo David Bitton tee (old)
  4. Lucky flowy blouse (old)
  5. Old Navy chambray button-down (old)
  6. Lucky long-sleeved tee (old) Black long-sleeved tissue tee (old)
  7. Old Navy boyfriend cardigan
  8. Toms canvas flats
  9. Steve Madden Chelsea boots (sold out)
  10. J Crew Factory ballet flats

Outfit #2: Black tissue tee, boyfriend jeans, red Toms & black cap.

I was pretty proud of myself, and things were going well until about an hour later when she spit up all over my jeans and said replacement top.

Outfit #2 Score: 7. This is pretty much the same outfit as the earlier one, which was by design. The reason I give it a higher score is that I put my hair down and incorporated a black cap to play off the looseness of it all. I also tried a side front tuck, which I couldn’t do with the other top because it has a shirttail hem. So overall, this look is a little more styled than the first one.

I feel like I’m already learning from this challenge and it’s only 10 a.m.! Have you taken two seemingly similar looks and used small tweaks to create something completely different?


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