Did I Design My Life?

I believe in our ability to shape our circumstances with our thoughts, and I believe in the power of positivity. It makes sense, then, that concepts like the ones in Designing Your Life would pique my interest.

I wonder, I have designed my current circumstances, which are vastly different from my old, beloved life? Or did outside forces contribute to the current state of my being?

For background, about a year ago, I was selling a condo I owned with my fiance in San Diego. I didn’t have any dependents; I was free to do as I pleased. I worked remotely for a small software company that was being sold. I walked my neighbor’s dog on lunch and volunteered for two active organizations. I attended regular exercise classes and did fun activities with friends, like going out for drinks and dinner, hiking, cooking together, going to the beach and generally exploring the city I love.

Today, I am a single mother who lives with her own mother in her small, backwards town in rural Indiana, driving two hours every day to drop off and pick up my daughter from daycare with my loyal dog in the passenger’s seat. I work for the publisher that acquired my little software company. I no longer have time to volunteer or attend exercise classes. I don’t even have time to cook. I don’t have friends nearby to explore with; I instead hang out with family members I used to only visit a handful of times per year. I also am no longer engaged.

In other words, my current life is 180 degrees from my old ow much influence do we have over the circumstances in our lives and how can we exercise that to create a life we love? Specifically:

  • Which areas of my current life did I create?
  • Which do I want to keep and which do I want to discard or tweak?
  • And what else can I dream up?

How about you? How do you edit the parts of your life to create something better for your future than you currently have?

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