Bloom Where You Are Planted

Yesterday, I asked myself two questions, the first of which I’m going to delve into today: Did I create my current life?

As I wrote yesterday, I definitely believe in the power of thought and the power of positive thought. So, yes, I do. I don’t know that I was intentional about all the specifics, and I don’t think I have control over the actions of others.

And even so, this life is mine. So let’s review the parts of my life that still feel new.


Living in rural Indiana instead of San Diego is the hardest part of my metamorphosis. I love San Diego like none other. It’s my home, and I never wanted to leave. But sometimes after experiencing great trauma and loss, you need to go back to your roots to discover what’s still left under all that raw hurt, or else you’ll create mounds of scar tissue that will act as a hard shell.


In San Diego, I had a fiance and lots of fantastic friends who thought like I did, had amazing energy, and created amazing things to do. In other words, I had a lot of love. Here, I am single and spend most my time with my aging mother and father, baby and dog. I get to a baby music class once a week and that’s about it.

I guess, deep down, those are the two parts of my new life that feel the least developed. It takes time to build a life, but with the right people and a few choice options of things to do, a different yet equitable life can be carved just about anywhere.

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