One Step Ahead Eberlein Eberlein

If you’ve ever heard of the concept of love languages, you’ll understand when I tell you that one of my top two is words of affirmation. Makes sense, right? An editor loving positive words?

It also appears that, perhaps because of my love for language and positivity, flattery will get you, well almost anywhere with me.

Last night, at a meeting for one of my volunteer organizations, I received praise from one of the two heads of my committee. She asked what I’d like to do next and told me she and the committee heads above her all knew what a good job I had been doing managing the content for our committee.

It felt so good to hear that. Even though I completely disagreed with her.

I’ve had a lot going on this concurrently this year, and she had had to prompt me to follow up on things that I should have been on top of. As an editor, who is a project manager by nature of their attention to detail, I feel it’s my job to be one step ahead of others.

She responded that it was understandable I had other things, like work, that would divide my focus.

I wonder what other editors and project managers think. Are our own expectations for perfection too much? Do we expect more of ourselves (and by extension, others) than others expect of us?

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