Art of Self Care

Yesterday, I talked about the importance of volunteering. I can think of a lot of reasons why helping others recharges me and makes me feel valued and connected to others.

Today, I’ll touch on why it’s important to take time out for yourself on a regular basis.

There’s an adage that says you can’t take care of others if you’re not yourself a whole, complete person. I agree with that. I think in this day and age of constant communication and information overload, it’s even more important to balance time spent in leisure with time spent doing things for others (i.e., work, caring for loved ones or volunteering).

Today, I put away my laundry, went through six months’ worth of un-filed paperwork (more about un-filed paperwork to come) and finished my taxes. I also made lunch for my sweetie. Then, I decided I needed some “me” time, so I read a book, treated myself to cheesecake and tea, and took in the sunset.

Normally, if I spend most the weekend doing things for others, I feel drained come Monday. I am tired as if I didn’t get time off, and I am dangerously low on energy. I make poor choices in food and am too overstimulated to put myself to bed at a decent time. I often skip workouts, can’t focus on tasks and am exhausted by Wednesday.

But tonight, I feel ready to tackle the week. My afternoon of quiet reflection was what I needed to recharge.

How do you practice self care? How much of it do you need?

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