The Outline

Yesterday, I suggested using an outline to harness your focus and rein in your thoughts. I realize most writers hate outlines. Often, I hear things like “I don’t need an outline” or “I write what comes to mind.” I’ve even heard “I write better without one.” I’ve got news for you if you think that

Value in Volunteering

I devoted the entire day today to one of my volunteer organizations, the Junior League of San Diego. I started the day with a four-hour training on the organization’s legislative activities in California. This included listening to one of my representatives, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, talk about barriers to low-income women in the workplace. One of

Find Your Focus

The thing about writing I’ve found as an editor is that if you are struggling, it’s because you’ve lost your focus. Think about it like I’m your word doctor and you’re my patient. You come in with symptoms (struggling with writing). Without checking your temperature or anything, I’d diagnose you with lack of focus. You

One Step Ahead

If you’ve ever heard of the concept of love languages, you’ll understand when I tell you that one of my top two is words of affirmation. Makes sense, right? An editor loving positive words? It also appears that, perhaps because of my love for language and positivity, flattery will get you, well almost anywhere with