Buffalo Plaid Spring

The weather is damn weird today. As in, snow accumulation on tulips weird.

I would have taken a photo but it started melting too fast. And I don’t have time for that. But you can imagine it, right? (I guess you’ll have to because there’s no other choice.)

And because the weather was weird, so was my choice of outfit. We sprung ahead this weekend, which meant I was all out of sorts and so, well heck, my outfit might as well be as well. (You can tell I’m out of sorts with a sentence like that, can’t you?)

I actually liked this look. I buttoned a black and poppy-red buffalo plaid flannel to its tippy top and popped that lightweight black, grey and white striped crewneck sweater over it. Pairing it with grey jeans and my black tall boots made it look a little preppy yet lumberjack-casual, a little unexpected but still somehow put together.

In other words, JCrew. (Well, almost. I think I’d need a statement necklace or evening clutch to go full-out JCrew, don’t you?)

Tall boots: I really have to get a pair of ankle boots. Or, do I? Actually, I am thinking more and more than I like these tall boots. They make me look taller. Ankle boots might actually make me look shorter. So even though ankle boots are in and tall boots are out (Said in a Heidi-Klum esque accent), I’m going to stop being a slave to fashion and stop wasting my time searching for the perfect, classic black leather ankle Chelsea boot with a slightly elevated or walkable block heel. Because style isn’t about chasing trends.

Word. That’s a HUGE lesson for the books. Woohoo this challenge IS teaching me things.

Grey jeans: If I wash these and don’t carry a 21-lb baby on my hips, they stay up just fine and feel comfortable. If I don’t wash them after every wear (I definitely don’t) or if I were to leave my baby crying on the floor for fear that my jeans would sag(I also definitely don’t do this), then they don’t really fit all that well. So while higher waisted jeans are definitely en vogue and should look better on my hourglass figure (at least according to all the blogs), they don’t feel as great on me as mid- or low-rise jeans.

Hmm. Is that another lesson I smell? That I fit better in something I shouldn’t? Wow! I feel like I’m in class and Tim Gunn is teaching!

Sweater: It’s striped. It’s from Target (and not even this season). And it’s fabulous.

Buffalo check flannel: Nothing says “spring” like …. Wait, actually, buffalo check and flannel DON’T say “spring.” But just like snow on your tulips, sometimes spring fashion is unpredictable.

Day: 15? I don’t know; I haven’t been counting, have I?

Lessons: 2 (but they’re biggies, guys!)

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