‘But I Had to Have Them’

OK y’all. I’m gonna ‘fess up. Yesterday’s outfit included a pair of boots that I have purchased AFTER starting Project 333.

Yes, I backslid. I returned something at Old Navy (+1 point). Then I walked PAST the shoe store to the bookstore to purchase a notebook and a calendar for work. (+2 points for that willpower). I purchased said items and walked back to the car. Only this time, my willpower wasn’t so strong. I ducked in for a moment, just to see what they had in there. You know, all innocent like. [Since the Internet hasn’t created a sarcasm font yet, please replace the previous sentence with your internal image of sarcasm font. I know you have one; we all do.]

Subtract all the points. All of them. Damnit.

Needless to say, I spotted several pairs of ankle boots that were ON CLEARANCE. So I innocently went to try them on. Market research, let’s call it.

Now, sidebar: I have been on the hunt all winter for the following boots:

  1. A pair of black leather (nondescript) flat ankle Chelsea boots like these Asos ones, which I purchased but were too narrow for my wide foot, or these to-die-for Cole Haan ones, and
  2. A pair of nude leather or suede slightly heeled ankle boots. I missed purchasing these Nordstrom exclusives, which Audrey at Putting Me Together raves about. I had them in my cart all winter long but didn’t pull the trigger. Now they’re gone, and I’m not sure a size 7 will fit.

As you can see, I’ve been stalking ankle boots all winter. I guess I am just not good at delayed wardrobe gratification (a lesson I’m hoping to learn from this challenge). So when these olive Roxy combat boots were on clearance, fit like a glove and were unlike any I’d ever seen, I just had to have them. [Note use of temporary sarcasm font.]

I wore these babies Monday, which means I have to rid myself of something in my capsule wardrobe.

Guess what’s saying “bye-bye?” That salmon colored ballet tee. Pack it up, it’s gone. I hope I don’t regret this in a month, when temps are warm enough for a tissue tee with elbow-length sleeves!

Day: 5

Lesson: 1

  1. Kicking the shopping habit is going to be harder than I thought.

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