Canadian Tuxedo

I know my bestie Clinton (Kelly, of What Not To Wear fame) writes in his book Oh No She Didn’t! that I shouldn’t wear a Canadian tuxedo. But, damn it, chambray is not denim so I’m moving full speed ahead on this navy chambray shirt + dark skinny jeans combo. I heart it. It’s my rural version of a suit.

Plus it doesn’t show dog hair or baby vomit. Unlikely considerations for women who wear real suits, I’d bet.

I donned a plain white tee under my chambray again today. (Remember when I said I could never remove said button-down shirt if I had a conference call? Well, I heeded that advice today, even though the afternoon sun cooked up my workspace like an oven and I had no conference calls. Beauty is pain, after all.)

So let’s talk about today’s outfit.

Brown Chelsea boots: I am surprised I haven’t worn these during the challenge yet, because I wore them all winter long. I love them, but they just haven’t seemed quite right with the outfits I’ve worn during this challenge. I think it might be that they feel too Western, which is something I’ve felt all along but thought I had worked past, like a childhood trauma. But today they just felt, I don’t know, right. And I’m happy about it. Because I’ve already declared I’m not looking for sleek black Chelsea ankle boots. And because I’ve already spent enough on therapy recently.

Grey skinny jeans: These are definitely a second skin to me. In all honesty, they’re jeggings. But let’s be honest, 9 months after giving birth, jeggings are likely more my jam than more structured (read, jean-like) jeans. To make them exciting, because even I’m getting bored with them, I did a somewhat messy half-roll on the bottom. Kinda like a cross between the 1986 and Hello, Sailor! cuffs from J.Crew’s Style Hacks #3 video.

White tee: I am still on the fence about this particular white tee. I loved loved loved my Old Navy Perfect Tees, which have been discontinued. (Because Old Navy used to make the best basics but apparently is getting too big for their britches, removing key closet staples like the long-sleeved fitted tee and the perfect ribbed tank. No, Old Navy, I don’t need another [insert flash trend here.] I need my version of boring old underpinnings. What about its sister stores, you ask? Well, older sister, Gap, isn’t reliable with its QC and Banana seems more expensive than its quality warrants for these sorts of things. Plus they don’t have physical stores in my ZIP. Bummer.

Navy chambray shirt: Ironed and everything, guys! I buttoned this bad baby up today, did a sort of messy push and roll thing, letting the white tee peek through. It looked casual. It looked cool. But the white tee kept creeping further out of the chambray shirt. I kept finding myself messing with it during KinderMusik class. I guess that styling just can’t handle such a physical activity.

That’s it! Double “denim” done right, in my honest opinion. A basic, rural denim tuxedo good enough for any hillbilly wedding or Gap photo shoot!

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