Dress Into a Skirt

I have a secret: I’m always trying to figure out ways to turn one item of clothing into something else. It’s very capsule blogger-y to post say a shirt one day and then proudly wear it as, say, a scarf, the next. Or a dress into a skirt. Or a pair of pants into a, well, never mind. You get my drift.

Today, I made that secret wish a reality, and I couldn’t have felt more chic! I layered a thin sweater over a chiffon a-line shirt dress that I got for a steal during a sale at Maurice’s (first time I’ve shopped there since high school. Literally, since there weren’t Maurice’s near me in SoCal.) I purposely chose this dress, which I hadn’t worn yet, for this challenge for this reason: I thought it could turn into a skirt with the right topper.

Second, I am so so excited to report that, for the first time in 9 months (Baby E has a birthday tomorrow), ALL THE LAUNDRY IS DONE!!!I can’t believe it myself. Every laundered piece, whether baby or adult sized, was washed, folded and put in its proper place.

Like my friend Angela says, it’s the small victories.

I think what made it happen was Project 333, because when I had no clean bottoms, I put on that dress and some tights and got to washing. And because the load was light and everything got hung in the same place, finishing the laundry (the tough part) wasn’t all that bad.

And after we finish our happy dance, let’s get to the outfit d’jour, er, well, outfit d’hier.

Leather espadrilles: I’m going to come out and say it: These so don’t go with this outfit. I love these flats, and I included them in the challenge because when I bought them on major sale earlier this month, they were somewhat of an impulse buy. And this is why. They are specific. As in, they are somewhat casual and summery, despite being a black flat. They don’t go with tights. In fact, they might not have gone even if I ditched the tights. But this challenge is about making do with what I have, so in the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work.” Or survive. (I didn’t die, you guys!)

Chiffon shirt dress: I already sung the praises of this shirt dress. I bought it because I wanted an LBD that worked well while nursing. This definitely fits that bill. It’s a bit dressy due to the fabric, but I’m going to pull a Tim Gunn and make it work until April. Besides, that is what made it work well as a layer under a sweater, which is what made it work as a skirt. It didn’t even feel like I had two layers on because the chiffon was so lightweight and forgiving. It even peeked out the top of the sweater perfectly whether buttoned up or not.

Striped sweater: I bought this striped baby during a Target run with my sister two Octobers ago when I didn’t even know I was already a month pregnant. So I have been excited to wear it this winter as I relived that experience. And it has horizontal stripes, one of the fashion faux pas Clinton Kelly writes about in his book, “Oh No She Didn’t!” (I read this hilarious book during a nursing nap on Sunday it and adored it.) Anyway, this sweater is thin, so it was perfect over the dress, and I was pretty excited to have executed the sweater-over-a-button-down look so well!

Bonus: I put on a pair of opaque black tights that were NOT in my Project 333 capsule wardrobe because it was freezing. The are my first pair of Hues and were SUPER comfortable all day.


See you tomorrow for Day 7 of the challenge, in which I will have a full wardrobe to work with yet again.

Day: 6

Lessons: 2


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