Easy Shirtdress

Yesterday was warm and I had several video chats, so I dressed up a bit and wore my chiffon shirtdress.

I love the ease of a dress. You instantly look more polished, and all you did was put on one item. Bonus if the item is a chiffon shirtdress and you work from home, since you appear on-screen in business attire with the black button-down but definitely feel casual due to the comfort of the chiffon.

As I was taking my daughter down to bed, still wearing the chiffon shirtdress, I thought, what a chic franco-like figure I must be cutting, a soft A-line dress instead of the typical American mom attire of yoga pants. Plus, it’s fantastic for nursing!

If this dress were available in other colors, I’d buy another in a heartbeat.

Black leather espadrilles: These have been taking a backseat lately because of weather, so when I saw the weather was going to be warm, I thought they would be perfect with this dress. They were. Something about the leather and espadrille goes both casual and dressy, just like the shirtdress. Plus they’re pretty comfy. Not bad for $12!

Black shirtdress: Like I said above, this dress is fantastic. I got it from Maurices on sale for $10. It was a fantastic deal, and it allows me to wear a dress while nursing, which was just what I wanted it for. It also makes a wonderful skirt, which is how I wore it first during this challenge.

That’s it! No other layers. Simple and chic, I’m letting these two pieces say simple things elegantly today.

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