First Day Jitters

Yesterday was the first day of my capsule wardrobe experiment. The night before, I boxed up all the clothes, shoes, and scarves I own that didn’t make the cut on the list in my previous post, Starting a Capsule Wardrobe.

It felt great! I loved looking at a closet that didn’t have boxes of shoes sitting on the floor, a pile of jeans that was stacked too high, or the all-too-common problem of not enough hangars after laundry day.

Speaking of laundry, even if I have to do more loads of laundry, I’m excited at the anticipation of less time to dry, fold, iron and hang. And since I’m a single, working mom, I will spend that extra time with my baby girl and baby dog.

So onto yesterday’s outfit. I chose to keep my black ribbed turtleneck, olive chinos, khaki belt and high-heeled slides out of storage for various reasons.

Black ribbed turtleneck: This versatile piece can be dressed up or casual, and it can be worn as a layer on a cold day or with the sleeves up on a warmer day. Since this February day is unseasonably warm, it was an ideal choice. Plus, it’s comfortable.

Olive chinos: I purchased these from J Crew Factory last fall, but they have more of a spring feel. They feel true to my style but a bit more elevated than a pair of jeans. They aren’t as easy to get down on the ground and play in, which makes me wonder about their practicality. But then again, they are comfortable enough for driving to and from daycare, working from home, and walking Casper.

Khaki belt: The chinos stretch throughout the day, so I need a belt. I have had this one forever but rarely wear it because I only wore belts while pregnant. It has a casual vibe, which helps me not feel too dressed up while working from home.

Slides: These are just not that comfortable, despite being a good brand. They rub on the top of my toe, and they’re pretty high so they aren’t QUITE walkable. But I keep hoping with a little wear, they will soften and my feet will get used to the height. And they are so damn cute. So I included them to make myself wear them. Will they make the cut on March 31?

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