Kaizen and CEUs

Yesterday, I completed my EMT refresher course. Yes, the day I launched this blog I also renewed my national EMT certification. Talk about being an overacheiving perfectionist … (which isn’t such a bad thing in the world of editing).

It’s been brutal. Because I completed all 72 hours and courses in 30 days, I had to have total focus. It reminded me of the importance of always learning and staying current. In today’s world of over-sharing and information overload, it’s harder to weed through distractors.

I challenge you to take a hard look at your overflowing inbox, butterfly-like social media feeds and multiple open tabs on your web browser (on every device), and remove what isn’t serving you. That will make room for what does.

For me, the necessities include:

  • Maintaining my knowledge to save someone’s life in an emergency
  • The latest blog posts on minimalist fashion and capsule wardrobes
  • The recipe for tonight’s dinner (below)
These tacos are so good, they don't need tortillas holding them back.
These tacos are so good, they don’t need tortillas holding them back.

What are yours?

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