Monday Blues

As you might have already read, yesterday’s outfit included a pair of boots that made it into my capsule wardrobe after the fact. If you want to read my analysis of my shopping breakdown, with sarcastic font, then check out my last post.

This post is all about blues. Navy blue, that is.

Monday’s outfit included my beautifully blue skinny jeans, my favorite (really old) striped sailor shirt, a salmon colored jacket and said boots.

NO BLACK, you guys! How exciting to break out of winter. Spring, here I come!

Field jacket: Warmers. Completers. Third pieces. Jackets/blazers/cardigans/hoodies/coats. Whatever you call them, the item you put over your shirt serves two important purposes, to warm you up (hence why I call them warmers) and to complete your outfit. This one does both of those beautifully. It’s new from Old Navy, but I had been on the lookout for one since last spring. You see, field jackets aren’t really needed in San Diego in spring because it typically isn’t too rainy. But here? Rain is as commonplace as grass and tulips (other things not native to San Diego spring). I had been borrowing my mom’s lavender waterproof field jacket when she wasn’t wearing it, but she often does so that wasn’t working. I found this piece and am in love! So comfortable, which is key for me, and a flattering color and cut. You’ll be seeing it a lot.

Skinny jeans: I talked about these last time. But one thing I have noticed is they don’t stay up as well the second day around as they do the first. By the end of the day, when I was carrying E on my hips, they were down to my hips and not around my waist like they should be. Oh, and E spit up all over them. Guess I’d better do laundry tomorrow because my only clean bottoms are my chinos and skirts. Guess what else? My laundry isn’t overwhelmingly large so I MIGHT be able to complete it without mishaps! Woohoo!

Striped sailor shirt: This boatneck beauty is SO OLD. I mean, I might have picked it up at Target when I lived at the beach. (I moved from the beach, sad face, three years ago.) It is Merona and has worn INCREDIBLY well. If I had known then what I know now, I would have purchased all the colors and backups, that’s how much I love it. Plus, it’s my favorite neutral (navy) and I don’t care what Clinton Kelly says about horizontal stripes in his hilarious book Oh No She Didn’t!, I like it.

Olive combat boots: I talked about purchasing these in my previous post on blowing my shopping moratorium. But what I didn’t talk about was the actual boots. These are wonderful! They are nothing like what I was looking for (to see the boots I thought I wanted, check out my earlier post) but they demonstrate the wonder that is window shopping. The color is a versatile neutral. (Is olive a neutral? It seems everything is considered a neutral these days. I think that needs to be the subject of a post.) But it’s unexpected. They are very trendy, which isn’t a bad thing when I consider that a lot of my outfits veer less trendy and could veer old or boring. They are super comfortable, possibly due to the upturned toe and the denim lining. And I love them.

(By the way, if you haven’t tried Roxy shoes, you might want to put on a pair. They are not high end, but I have found both my slip-ons and these boots to be highly comfortable.)

Day: 5

Lessons: 0

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