My Uniform

If you’re interested at all in capsule wardrobes, well, of course you are. Why else would you be here?

Scratch that. I’m sure you’re interested in capsule wardrobes. And part of capsule wardrobes are the assumption that everyone likes to wear some sort of uniform.

That assumption is true. At least, it is for me.

I love wearing jeans, a t-shirt and flat shoes. Sometimes, I add a little excitement, like an accessory or a warmer layer.

I know. Groundbreaking, right? But at the core, I’m perfectly content to wear a simple uniform of jeans, long-sleeved tees and boots for fall/winter or jeans, short-sleeved tee and flats or sandals for spring/summer.

As boring as this look is, as mundane as it may seem, I love it. I live in it. I mean, I truly live life to its fullest in this simple combination. The fact that I mix it up AT ALL goes to show that even the most tried-and-true can get a bit boring.

But not today. I wore my uniform today and it was fantastic.Skinny jeans: I put on the navy ones because I think navy and black are a chic, not-so-unexpected pairing.

Black riding boots: Since I never found my HG black ankle boots, I had to put on a classic but not at all trendy tall boots. I love them regardless of what’s going on in the markets, but I will admit they don’t have that exciting feel to them at the moment. Luckily I know they look good on me and can never truly be out of style. Oh, and I also know I don’t have time to care these days. That helps. A lot, actually.

Skinny jeans: I put on the navy ones because I think navy and black are a chic, not-so-unexpected pairing.

Black long-sleeved tee: This one is less fitted than other iterations I’ve worn in the past. I’m not sure I’m loving the fabric, but I am enjoying the more generous cut because, let’s face it ladies; If your body has recently housed another being, you know the only way to firm up that stomach involves gym time you ain’t got time for. So perhaps someday I’ll put on a more fitted top but, for now, some give in the tummy area is a necessity.

Black down vest: It was downright cold this┬ámorning, plus I needed another layer because J Crew recommends always wearing a third piece. It would also help with the above tummy troubles if I had been wearing a more form-fitting tee. (Good thing me and my appetite that I wasn’t!)

How about you? Do you have a uniform? If so, does it make you feel self-conscious, or does it make you feel crazysexycool? (Cue the TLC.)


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