Plain (and Boring) White Tee

As I’ve said before, I love a good tee-jeans-flats combo. But white after a long, sunless winter is not my idea of a good time.

Well, it doesn’t flatter me on screen, that’s for sure.

I had a video chat today and, in addition to a terrible haircut that has taken all the sunkissed, beachy waves out of my hair (and replaced them with a mousy colored Rachel-esque bob), my white tee just made me look sickly.

I needed some color. Too bad I didn’t know until it was too late. Oh well. You win some, you lose some, and I certainly lost out on my ability to wear white when I moved from the beach to the overcast Midwest.

Olive combat boots: These fun little guys looked trendy and on point with an otherwise pretty plain outfit.

Grey jeans: I have discussed these ad nausea. (I think I need more bottoms in my next capsule!) Until then, suffice it to say these are the cool younger sister of my blue skinny jeans.

White tee: Great as a layer piece or even, possibly, after a long summer in the sun. But not as the star of the show in winter. Noted.

Navy chambray top: I had this on in the cool morning but removed it for the video call. Never again, chambray, will you be removed. Not only do you add much-needed definition on screen, but you also add that “buttoned up” look that makes you look seriously business on a casual day.

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