Red Alert

Alert! Alert! There has been an intrusion in my wardrobe. Yes, I have acquired another piece that was not on my initial capsule wardrobe list.

My mom went shopping and the red marled sweater she purchased for herself was just a teensy bit too small. So it came to me, looking for a home. I accepted. (Gracious, aren’t I?)

I know I need to remove something from my wardrobe. But this is beginning to feel constricting. And constriction is not what I think Project 333 is about. I mean, I didn’t purchase this 3/4-sleeved piece. And I could use another in-between item since the weather is warm today but is going to cool down. A lot.

So I wore it. With my leggings. And the long-sleeved white tee. I think it looked great! So I kept it. I haven’t packed up anything else. Yet. I’ll be on the lookout for something I can remove from my wardrobe, but I’m not going to require it.

Espadrilles: I put these on because I love the look of leggings with black flats. It was warm enough that they looked good. (I think they did, anyway.)

Leggings: These worked as pants because the white-sleeved tee was long enough and the sweater was interesting enough with its irregular hem. They were comfortable, too.

White tee: I loved loved loved that it peeked out at the top and the bottom of the sweater. So even though I’m so not sure about this tee, it definitely has a place, as long as that place is underneath my new sweater.

Red sweater: Three-quarter sleeves. Red and black marled knit. A crew neck. A slim cut and interesting hemline. This sweater is fantastic. Not only does its petite sizing work well for my petite frame, but its coloring works well on me and in my wardrobe. I think you’ll be seeing it a few more times before this challenge is over!

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