Rosy Sunglasses and Sundays

Saturday was a day for salmon colored cheeriness.

And so, apparently, is today.

There are days when I am just so damn bored in this town that I can’t stand it. Days when I long for the ever-present beach, my groups of friends, my significant other, the ability to just jump in the car and go.

However, jumping in the car only works these days if I also strap in my daughter and my dog, who get a little stir crazy too.

And since Indiana isn’t as dog-friendly as California, we often end up at a park. Only, it’s been too cold to keep the baby out in the elements for longer than a hot second. So today, I invented separate things for them to do. I took the baby to Meijer. (What has my life come to that that is a sentence meaningful enough to type out? The grief over my formerly exciting life is palpable today.) Then I took the dog to the nearby school to run around with a frisbee. (Oh how I miss dog parks and beaches, play dates and hikes.)

I needed a rosy outlook on life. And something casual enough for these once-mundane-now-magical outings.

Leopard slip-on shoes: These were the only logical choice for my day. They made me feel a bit fierce, even though my bag wasn’t some amazing calf-hair clutch or buttery soft tote. No, it was a nondescript black backpack filled with diapering supplies and chew toys. And by “fierce,” I don’t mean Katy Perry in “Roar.” More like “I could outrun the leopard who inspired their design, should my life depend on it.” Because they are that comfortable.

Grey jeans: I wrote about these here. And really, how much can you say about grey skinny jeans. Other than I was uber proud that today, during my outing, they were not puked on! Cheers to growing up!

Open knit sweater: This is the first time I have worn this sweater for this challenge. It’s a color that always lifts my mood, and the swingy, open knit should work well with all my bottoms and in both cooler and warmer temps. Plus, it doesn’t wash me out when I haven’t washed my hair in a few (more) days (than I care to admit).

That’s it. I threw on my salmon, grey, white and gold striped infinity scarf in the cool morning but shed it by afternoon when these “adventures” took place.

What do you wear when you need to elevate not only your outfit but also your mood? Is it a color (like me) or something else, like a texture or a luxe fabric?


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