Sabbath Day Slide

Sunday is a day of rest, and I rested as well. That being said, my outfit was not something I wanted to share with the world. Suffice it to say, I wore clothes appropriate for lounging but not photographing.

Leopard slip-ons:¬†All hail the althleisure trend, it’s PERFECT for my day. Ah let’s face it, it’s perfect for my current lifestyle. My leopard Roxy slip-ons will definitely make a visual appearance in a non-Sunday post.

Grey joggers: When I bought my joggers at Target, I was none too sure how I felt about athleisure. Well, as noted above, I freaking love it. I typically try to dress my joggers up a bit. And by “typically,” I mean when I’m not wearing them while nursing, napping, eating, walking the dog, dropping the baby off at daycare. OK, so I lied. I typically wear them everywhere. I wonder if I’ll look back one day and be like, what kind of a crazy/lazy person fools herself into thinking slim-cut sweatpants are cool? And by “wonder,” I mean not really because that’s why I didn’t photograph them.

Salmon ballet shirt: I’m not really sure about this thing. I bought it a long time ago at the Gap and added it to my capsule because it’s my color and it’s lightweight. But I’m not sure it’s the most fashion-forward OR practical t-shirt I own. And since Baby E spit up mandarin orange goo on it, it’s certainly not photograph-able. Not today, and perhaps not any day.

Day: 4

Lessons: 2

  1. Don’t photograph Sunday loungewear.
  2. Loungewear isn’t just for Sundays anymore.
  3. I will have to wear loungewear on regular days, which means it will have to be photograph-able. So …
  4. I must elevate my loungewear if I expect to be taken seriously about this stuff.

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