Salmon-Colored Saturday

I got my hair cut for the first time in six months today, so I decided to wear my favorite springtime color in celebration.

Honeysuckle was the Pantone Color of the Year in 2011, but I still love it and its peachy cousins six years later. It looks great on me since it’s a warm mid-tone that complements my strawberry blonde hair and contrasts my deep blue eyes.

It also looks fantastic with grey and olive, which was exactly what I paired it with.

Combat boots: I have talked about these combat boots a lot and worn them even more since I got them. My sister complimented me on them, which always makes a gal happy. The heel is very walkable, and the denim interior kept my feet warm but not hot on this cooly-warm springlike day.

Grey jeans: I wore these high-waisted skinny jeans tucked into my boots because they boots are a higher ankle than other ankle boots. The only problem is that I should have gone down a size in these jeans because they fall down to my hips after some wear (of the jeans and my 21-lb. baby).

White long-sleeved tee: In keeping with the light-colored look of today, I put on a white-colored long-sleeved tee. This neutral, always on “must have” lists, is tricky for me to wear. It really isn’t a good color on me, even more so after a long winter without sun. It’s also hard to wear with a messy infant.

Salmon utility jacket: It was a warm day today, so I put on this jacket thinking I might have to remove it. But until I did, it held car keys, colored chapstick and toys.

Salmon striped scarf: I figured this heavy weight infinity scarf, which echoed the salmon, grey and white in its stripes, would serve as enough color around my face to off-set the white tee when I removed the above jacket. Alas, I ended up removing both and had to live with the stark white tee.

I also used my beloved black diaper backpack. Hands free really is the way to go, even if a backpack makes me feel like a cross between a hipster mom and a child who lives at home. Oh, wait. I’m both. 😉

Do you wear a color you know doesn’t look good on you? How do you do it?

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