Shapeless Jean Shirtdress with Leggings

OMG that title sounds horrible but that’s exactly what I wore today. My jean shirtdress from JCrew is definitely shapeless, but not in a bad way. More in a Mary-Kate and Ashley way. And I love it. It’s not only nursing friendly (a must these days), but it’s versatile because I’m pretty sure it can be worn as a dress (of course) but also as a skirt or a shirt.

Well, now I will have to test those other two out because that’s very capsule wardrobe blogger of me to do it.

(I hope it doesn’t suck.)

Anywho. Today I wore it as a dress. With leggings. Because leggings are not pants. And, honestly, I haven’t really worn my leggings much this challenge. They aren’t getting much love.

I loved how they kept my legs warm wearing this damn dress in what appears to still be winter.

Espadrilles: I thought these leather espadrilles would be the perfect tie between the summery feel of a jean dress and wintery necessity of leggings as tights. I’m not sure they worked, but they definitely didn’t keep my feet warm. (Note to self: Next spring challenge, include no-show socks.)

Leggings: Like I said above, I haven’t worn these much so I broke them out as tights. I think they worked with the outfit but I KNOW they worked out as leg coverings. Once home with Baby E and Baby Dog, I took them off and danced around the living room to our Happy Baby Playlist. But until safely inside our warm house for the night, they did the job.

Dress: I love this hand-me-down dress. It’s a size 6, and I’m pretty sure I’m a JCrew size 2. So either JCrew has participated in some vanity sizing, or it’s oversized. Or both. Yeah, probably both.

Day: 13ish

Lessons: 1 (leggings are great tights, even without a slip)

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