Snowy Saturday

Yesterday’s weather took a turn for the worst and felt like Actual February instead of the Fake February of the past week.

We had snow and wind, y’all!

I’m glad I included some winter clothes in this challenge, but I might have overlooked a coat. This capsule wardrobe is not an exercise in suffering, though, so if my down vest doesn’t cut it, I’m not gonna stress about donning an honest-to-goodness coat.

Project 333 is supposed to reduce stress, not add to it with impractical inflexibility, right?

And with that, let’s get into the outfit.

Down vest: I’m so glad I included this warmer. I purchased it from LL Bean on a business trip two winters ago. In Minnesota, it was a layer under a coat. In San Diego, it was the coat. Which will it be today? (I’ll tell ya tomorrow.) Oh, and I found a pair of gloves in the pockets. Bonus piece! Flexible rules, you guys!

Flannel button-down shirt: You might not expect flannel to be popular in Southern California, but it’s all over San Diego in winter. Perhaps it’s a costumed nod to colder climates. I don’t know, but this buffalo plaid flannel from Old Navy has been heavy in my winter rotation for years for good reason; it’s a comfortable classic. I just hope it’s as warm as it looks because it’s what will separate my arms from the wind today!

Black tank: Ms. Carver from Project 333 always includes a black tank in her capsules–and for good reason. This time, it’s a supporting cast member; last week, it could have been the star. I like this one because it’s a bit elevated from my typical ribbed wifebeater. I also love the seam down the middle of the back, which makes ironing a breeze.

Grey skinny jeans: I had been eyeing these  for at least a year before I took the plunge when Baby E spit up on my last clean pair of skinny jeans. Although I love them, I really should have just done laundry that night instead of shopping. Is this my first P333 lesson? Hooray for growth!

Black tall boots: I wear these Bandolino boots daily six months of the year. A pricier purchase for me years ago, they are my reminder of the value in quality over quantity, purposeful over impulsive shopping. A cross between a riding boot and a harness boot, they are versatile. Their leather softens each year, and they fit like a glove. I don’t ever want to have to replace them!

I counted two valuable lessons in this ounfit. Not bad for a Saturday. Hey, why don’t we keep a tally?

Days: 3

Lessons: 2




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