Sometimes You Have to Go Back

The first half of the road trip has ended, and the pack has split into its northern (Ryanne) and southern (me) sub-packs for the duration of our stay. We don’t have a set-in-stone plan for how long we will be home; we both agree two weeks is the minimum that would make eight days of roadtripping worthwhile and a month is probably the maximum we want to stay if we’re taking the northern route back to sunny San Diego.

From here on out, I plan to blog about the little things I notice about going home because I don’t think I’m the only young(er) professional out there who has moved far away from home to make a life for themselves only to realize something is missing. As a friend and fellow colleague once wrote to me, “Sometimes you have to go back where you came from to learn where you are going.”

I’m not sure what I hope to find here in the middle of almost-nowhere Indiana, but I have a feeling whatever it is I’m looking for is within in the smells of changing leaves, the sounds of crickets and wolves at night, the complete darkness from a lack of city lights. I also have a strong feeling it’s sandwiched somewhere between the layers of dusty memories, strong waves of love and familiarity, and excitement of a yet-undetermined future with endless opportunities.

I can’t wait to find it, and once I do, I’ll tell you what it is.

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