Starting a Capsule Wardrobe

Last night, I got fed up with my laundry. I had thrown a large load into the dryer and set a smaller load on wash, leaving to pick up Baby E. I realized once I settled down after dinner, bath and bedtime that I the small load was still in the washer, waiting to be dried, and the large load was still in the dryer, waiting to be folded. Only the large load wasn’t dry at all. Both loads still needed to be dried and folded.

In other words, I had hours of laundry left and had to make a decision, bed or chores?

Bedtime won out, so I woke to laundry that had to be redone.

I decided that if I didn’t wear so many articles of clothing, I wouldn’t have to wash so many articles of clothing. And the best way I know how to reduce the number of items I wear is to reduce my access to them. In other words, I had to edit my closet to fit my lifestyle, which is one with little time for laundry mishaps.

I decided to jump into something I’ve been eyeing for a while now: Capsule wardrobe experiment Project 333, created by the fantastic Courtney Carver¬†.

I won’t detail the rules, other than that you choose 33 items to wear for 3 months, boxing up everything else.

So, with the help of Caroline Rector’s Unfancy Capsule Wardrobe Planner, I came up with a list of what I thought I needed to not feel deprived. That list breaks down like this:

  • 11 tops
  • 5 pairs of shoes
  • 5 bottoms
  • 5 warmers
  • 3¬†tanks
  • 2¬†accessories
  • 2 dresses

Those items are in the following list of 33 items, which are, in theory, supposed to take me to April 1.

  1. Black tall boots
  2. Brown Chelsea boots
  3. Black ballet flats
  4. Leopard slip-ons
  5. Black mules
  6. Black chiffon shirt dress
  7. Chambray button-down dress
  8. Black coated leggings
  9. Grey skinny jeans
  10. Blue skinny jeans
  11. Olive chinos
  12. Grey joggers
  13. White long-sleeved tee
  14. Black long-sleeved tee
  15. Navy striped 3/4-sleeve shirt
  16. White Polo short-sleeved tee
  17. Salmon ballet neck tissue tee
  18. Navy tank
  19. Grey tank
  20. Black tank
  21. Navy chambray button-down shirt
  22. Red flannel button-down shirt
  23. Salmon open-weave knit sweater
  24. Maroon v-neck wool sweater
  25. Black and grey striped sweater
  26. Black turtleneck sweater
  27. Grey boyfriend cardigan
  28. Camel fitted cardigan
  29. Black fleece jacket
  30. Black vest
  31. Salmon utility jacket
  32. Navy floral scarf
  33. Salmon striped scarf

The following are items I will be using that won’t count toward my 33 items because I’m not considering them part of my wardrobe because I either always wear/use them or I only wear/use them with a specific purpose:

  • Diamond ring
  • Citizen Eco watch
  • Stud earrings
  • Blue Chewbeads necklace (for when Baby E needs to teethe)
  • Gold Guess sunglasses (for when driving)
  • Khaki belt (for keeping up my chinos only)
  • Leopard print or navy floral wristlet
  • Storq diaper backpack (for when I’m out and about with Baby E)

The last time I tried a capsule wardrobe, it was a more extreme 10-items-in-10-days version. Baby E was brand-spanking new, and I had to change clothes so often that I ran through all 10 items of clothes in four days. Her bodily functions are much more predictable now, and she’s also in daycare all day. So I think the time is ripe for this experiment, and I look forward to more frequent but smaller loads of laundry or, in other words, more time for sleep!

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