Such a Small Town

When you live in a bigger city, you often run errands with strangers. You have an anonymity only possible in an area filled with lots of people. And, if you’re a long-term transplant, you forget the charms of a small town include seeing someone you know wherever you go. Yesterday, my dad and I took Casper-dog to PetSmart to buy myriad items including food, a 16-foot retractable leash for more explorative walks and perhaps a new IU-themed collar.

We were in line, watching Casper show one of the employees some of his tricks for some delicious Blue treats, when we heard our names. We turned to see our pack member and fellow road-tripper, Ryanne, and her dad, Ron, behind us in line. Imagine, the person we drove with for four days happened to be in the same pet store* at the same time as us.

Ah! How I appreciated my small town roots in that moment.

*Disclaimer: It’s the only pet store in town. But still, what are the odds?

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