Three Tips For Working From Home

Happy Monday! I’ve been working from home for three years now, and I’ve found things that help boost my productivity and others that kill it. (Oh the joys of social media.)

Three tips for working from home that “work” for me include:

  1. Create your day before it starts. I have been using computer sticky notes, but I’m now trying writing tasks on a tried-and-true paper planner BEFORE I start my day. I find that if I write it down, I’ve committed to completing it. And if I get to cross it out, I get the sense of satisfaction of following through.
  2. Go with the flow. I like the Pomodoro method for working, which gives you set intervals for starting and stopping tasks, as well as breaks—all in the name of improving focus. I’m trying a phone app called Tide that seems to help me stay focused, stop using my phone for distractions like Facebook, and include a little white noise to drown out everyday noises.
  3. Sound it out. When not listening to the white noise in Tide, I try to match my Spotify playlists to my mood. Big ones for me are Your Favorite Coffeehouse when I want to mellow out, Deep Focus when I need to dive into a detailed project and some sort of dance music, like Alabama Shakes or Flogging Molly, when I need to add a little fun to my day.

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