Tight Little Turtleneck

I felt like I had a midget strangling me slowly all day long, guys. If you couldn’t guess, I’ll confirm that that means I wore my ribbed turtleneck.

It looked sexy. My neck was warm. but I’m pretty sure I need a new turtleneck. One that isn’t quite so tight.

Let me be clear, it isn’t the body of the turtleneck that doesn’t fit. It’s the neck itself. (A key part of the item, though, isn’t it?)

But this outfit had the same feel that my uniform did back last Friday. It’s black and navy. It’s sleek. It shows off my curves, a good asset if you’re a single mom (even if you aren’t looking for a date because anytime you can feel like a woman and not a walking pair of mammary glands is a plus.)

Tall boots: I have fallen back in love with these boots after my last post about them. To hell with finding another pair of boots that are shorter and more trendy. I’m happy to wear these ones that are a little bit British jockey and a little bit Blondie rocker chic and not at all aught 17/

Skinny jeans: Comfortable enough to crawl on the floor with my now-mobile baby girl. Sure, they have the same slip-down-the-hips feel I lamented yesterday with my grey ones, but I’d rather have that than too-stiff-to-play feel of the era my boots came from. (Just kidding. The boots aren’t THAT old.)

Black turtleneck: I don’t think I have much more to say about this other than it likely needs to be replaced. I’m on the lookout for a good black turtleneck. Know of any that don’t strangle the neck? If you can recommend some in the comments, my windpipe would thank you!

That’s it. No third pieces. No accessories. Just a girl and her uniform.

Day: 14

Lessons: None today

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